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The Oxidize it! uses groundbreaking technology to transform the cold water running into your household washing machine and infuses it with nature’s most powerful cleaning agent; ozone! Water treated with this advanced laundry system will have the top five most effective oxidizers known to man present and active, ready to deep clean your laundry without requiring laundry detergent or hot water. 


  • Only consumes twenty-five watts of electricity (less than an average light bulb).
  • Does not require hot water, saving energy and money.
  • Only uses power when the washing machine needs water.
  • Fabrics dry faster and are fluffier when soaps are not left in fabric.
  • Oxidizes and removes stains.
  • Eliminates skin irritations and allergic reactions from laundry soap.
  • Decreases clogging and increases decomposition in septic systems as detergent kills “good bacteria” that is needed.
  • Prevents chemicals from getting discharged into the environment (as with detergents and fabric softeners).
  • Eliminates bacteria and viruses such as step, staph, and many more.


How many loads of wash do you do per year? 


How much money do you spend on hot water, detergents, fabric softeners and whiteners every year?


Do you or one of your family members have a sensitivity or allergy to laundry detergent?


Are you concerned that your clothes are not being sanitized when you wash them?



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