Lake Water Systems

If your water supply is a lake, pond or other surface water source, the Certified Professionals at AquaSource have the experience, the tools and the technology to meet all of your needs. Over the last 13 years we have installed and serviced hundreds of water treatment and pumping systems in the Finger Lakes and surrounding regions

Whether you have a year round home, seasonal cottage, campground, resort or restaurant, AquaSource understands the special treatment and pumping needs of surface water systems. Our staff includes Certified Divers, WQA Certified Water Treatment Specialists, NGWA Certified Pump Installers, NYS Licensed Grade C Water System Operators AND we are a NYS DEC Registered Water System Contractor.

Zebra Mussel Control

Over the last decade the introduction of The Zebra Mussel has created some new challenges for many lakefront property owners. The Zebra Mussel has become famous for colonizing in and around water intakes, in some instances creating major problems with pumping systems, intakes and water lines. Many lake dwellers have been successful with a professionally installed water well, but a drilled water well isn't always an option due to terrain or water quality and flow issues.

AquaSource has a proven solution to end your concerns about Zebra Mussels invading and damaging your water system. The "ZMD" or Zebra Mussel Defense System from AquaSource stops Zebra Mussel infestation and related damage to submersible lake pumps, suction intakes and piping systems.

The heart of the AquaSource ZMD is a special NSF approved and EPA Registered Bacteriocidal Filtration Media Blend of a Copper Zinc Alloy. This alloy performs a redox reaction as water passes through the filter. The Redox Media in the ZMD has been proven to discourage adult mollusks from colonizing the filter while actually killing the veliger or larval stage of the Zebra Mussel thus protecting intake piping. A submersible pump or suction valve is housed internally to protect against fouling from lake weeds and debris.

Shoreline Beach Wells

A shoreline or Beach Well is a method of withdrawing water indirectly from a lake, pond or stream. A ShoreWell may be prefferable to an offshore system because it keeps the pumping and intake at the shoreline where it is accessible year round. AquaSource is a NYS DEC registered Water Well Contractor and has installed dozens of ShoreWells around the FingerLakes region.

Lake Pumping Systems

If your needs require pumping water from a surface water source, the Pump Professionals at AquaSource are factory trained by Goulds Pumps and Certified by the National Ground Water Association. Whether your needs are for residential, commercial, industrial, community or irrigation, AquaSource has you covered !

Water Lines and Intakes

The AquaSource Team specializes in professionally installed water lines and lake intake systems to meet the needs of LakeSide property owners. Our impressive list of specialized equipment Includes light excavators, Backhoes and customized lake service boats to get to almost any jobsite.

Water Treatment Systems

When it comes to water quality improvement, the AquaSource Group carries a full line of the highest quality water treatment and processing equipment for residential, commercial and even small communities. You can depend on the Certified Technicians at AquaSource to professionally install and maintain your water system. In addition, technicians from AquaSource are NYS Health Dept. Licensed water system operators and can even assist you in the management of a small community water system to maintain NYS DOH compliance.




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